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What to do if you have no password or forgot it?

If you don't have a SeKA account yet

In order to use your SeKA account you need to activate is first. This usually takes 5-10 minutes. You can set a SeKA password for yourself during the process. It is highly recommended to read the step by step description of the activation process, before you actually attempt to do the activation process.

If you've used SeKA before, but can't remember your password

If you forgot your SeKA password, you can set a new one yourself, if you remember the answers to the personal identification questions that you typed in during the activation process. You must type in the answers exactly as you did the first time (except for upper and lower case letters –  they are considered identical). The password self service is here, you need to click on the "Forgotten password" button.

If you don't even remember the answers to the personal identification questions, you can call the helpdesk or write an email. You can find out how to do this if you click the "Help" menu item.