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How to get help

If you need help in connection to your SeKA account, you can call the Center for Educational Development, Methodology and Organization at number +36 20 666 3385 during working hours, or you can write an email to this address:

Please provide us with these details in your email:

  • name
  • for students: Neptun ID
  • for employees: faculty, organisation unit, and the SeKA login name (same as the login name you use for the central email system of the university)
  • if you used the SeKA system ever before
  • what you wanted to achieve
  • what you actually did, and what kind of error message or result you got (precise description is necessary, screenshots are very useful)
  • what was the date and time when this occured

If you fail to describe your problem properly, we cannot help you, or it is going to take a lot more time!

Emails are answered as soon as possible, usually within a few days.