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University e-mail address for students

University e-mail address for students admitted after the 2020/21 academic year

From the 2020/21 academic year every student admitted to our university will receive a university e-mail address. The e-mail address is usually in the form of, but it may be different in case of name conflict. We kindly ask you to activate your university email address as soon as possible (but not later than 30th August) and then keep reading your incoming e-mails regularly.

How do I activate my university e-mail address?

STEP 1. First, navigate to the website. There is a Login button in the upper right corner: click on itcloud 365 for eduID.










Then select “Semmelweis Egyetem” from the pop-down menu as the identification organization and click "Választ".

Then the system will redirect you to the university SeKA login page. (SeKA is an acronym, it stands for Semmelweis University Central Authentication (in Hungarian.) Change language to English and use your Neptun Code as Username and your birth date in the following form: YYYY.MM.DD. as Password. E.g. if you were born on 12th August 1998, your password is: 1998.08.12. – important: a dot must be placed after each number. - Important: if you already set a password to your SeKA-account, please, use that during the activation.

If the login was successful, you will be redirected to the page, where a message tells that the system will prepare a login for you in the Microsoft user identification system. This process takes a few minutes.

Next, under "User info/Felhasználói információ" on the right side of the screen, you can see what your university email address will be. You will need to use this email in the next step.

STEP 2. Log in to Here you need to enter the email address you saw in the previous step under "User info" as your login name. For the actual login, you will again be redirected to the university SeKA login page, where you will log in the same way as described in the previous section (with Neptun code and birth date). If your login was successful, you will be returned to the Microsoft website, where you can now use all the services available there, including mail.

If you can't activate your e-mail address, contact our client service here. In your e-mail or during the call, please, notify us if you were the student of the university before year 2020/21.

What is SeKA?

SeKA is an acronym, it stands for Semmelweis University Central Authentication (in Hungarian). This system enables our users to access a number of computer services with a single login name and password in a secure way. Another advantage of this system is single sign-on (SSO). This means that if you logged in into any of the services that supports SeKA authentication, you can access all the others without having to type in your credentials again.

You can use your SeKA account to access sites that need EduID authentication (see

What is the Neptun ID (Neptun login name)?

The Neptun ID/code identifies students in the Neptun-system, which contains official student information. It consists of 6 characters (letters or numbers) that uniquely identies a person. If you have a problem or request, it is advisable to provide your Neptun ID, because the university has more than 10 thousand students and name conflicts are common.